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More often than not, online dating can be a frustrating state of affairs.  The reason for this is quite simple really: it’s called expectations. For some, relationship trumps sex.  In other words they want a partner they can chat with, fall in love with and have the occasional sex along the way. On the other hands there are the others who want to make sure that beyond the chat, there will be lots of sex, leading to a real relationship… And love.

People generally assume that women are nearly always part of the first group, whilst men belong to the second, and there is some truth to this. What is not true is that women (and I am one) are not interested in sex.  But online dating can be an overwhelming experience for ladies because of the sheer number of men who contact us with sex on their mind, and nothing else… And so we spend a lot of time developing special antennas to detect those men who are only interested in our bodies…

And that’s a shame really because, in the process, we don’t give a chance to many men who would be ideal for us and we miss out.  This is the reason that drives success to a dating model.  Women go on our chat lines because they want sex as much as they want romance. You will be surprised to know that some women don’t even want a romantic relationship, but are just after more worldly pleasures!  :)

When you call our sex chat line, you can discover who these women are, chat with them about anything that’s on your mind, and if things click between the two of you, take the relationship a step further.

A chat line where sex is on the table is as good as it gets for most of our members.  You just have to try it.

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